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Who am I? …

I am a photographer, a videographer, a husband, a father, a brother, a son and a lover of life. With all of these ingredients, I do what I do best… I am a wedding photographer.

From an early age, I was the official family vacation photographer, capturing special memories on my parent's Pentax camera. I also dabbled in some 8 mm film -I still have those babies! As I grew up, the age of video came and I was swept away with it. I loved documenting everything to do with my family. I was even lucky enough to videotape my grandparent's 50 th wedding anniversary.

I had many successful years as a videographer without any formal training, guided only by the true love of capturing memories. During those years, the photographic camera never left my side, as I still loved taking photos.

With my many years of experience in the wedding industry and with a keen eye for capturing life changing moments, I decided to pursue my first love, photography. I made the decision to go back to school and graduated with honours in a photography program and I proudly display my diploma in my studio.

Today, I run a successful wedding photography business.

Who am I? ... I am your wedding photographer.

Style: What to Expect

I love capturing weddings. My work has been described as stylish, artistic, romantic, and even quirky at times. I blend pieces of natural expression, surroundings and moments in time to create a truly artistic image that will "wow" you. I use elements of composition and light to capture each treasured moment from your special day.

The wedding day will be a blend of photojournalism, relaxed portraits, and organic elements. As the wedding day unfolds, I will look for those loving expressions; the bride with her father, the groom with his friends, the beautiful chaos that unfolds as the bride prepares for her special day, and the joy from family and friends. My promise to you is to deliver amazing images that you will cherish and that will live on forever.


I love Toronto –I was born here, I grew up here, I met my wife here, I raised my family here…. I HEART Toronto! One way or another, all of us have a connection to this city.

Toronto is a vibrant urban landscape with pockets of the city offering incomparable and distinctive location sites, perfect for that unique wedding photo. I have traveled across the city capturing special moments in noteworthy spaces from an abandoned warehouse to the pavilion by the lake; Toronto is a striking city, making it the perfect backdrop for your special day. I pride myself on creating different and captivating images with you at the helm and the city as the setting.

Even if your wedding is not in Toronto or you would rather have a more country rather urban type wedding I will make it my priority to find unique and exciting spots within your desired city from the "City Above Toronto," Vaughan to Mississauga and beyond. I will work with you to capture your special moments in spaces that are important and memorable to you and your loved ones.